Slightly See Through Wrinkled Shirt

    • Fits size Smart DollClassic Body S bust.
    • Fits size Smart DollPear Body Default bust.
    • Product for sale is Slightly See Through Wrinkled Shirt only.
    • 適合サイズはSmart Dollクラシックボディ Sバスト
    • 適合サイズはSmart Dollペアボディ デフォルトバスト
    • 販売商品はSlightly See Through Wrinkled Shirtのみです。



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Be careful!

  • Be careful about wearing it for a long time, There is a risk of stain.
  • 色移りのリスクがあるため、長期間の着用はご注意ください

Made in Japan

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The Slightly See Through Wrinkled Shirt is a three-button shirt in a smart girl’s size.
スマートガールズサイズのプチ透け3ボタンシャツ「Slightly See Through Wrinkled Shirt」。

This long-sleeved shirt with a three-button design was created with the image of a sexy, yet chic, sister who is never flirtatious, but never overbearing.

Material is a transparent fabric with a strong wrinkle finish.

Silhouette is tight when all the front buttons are closed.

Detailing is a three-button design with a sense of stylishness that opens at the chest and hem.

By the way, all three front buttons can be closed, but opening the top button will give you a more chic look.

Sleeves are super tight.

Cuffs have wide slits, and the cuff buttons can be closed, but it would probably be more chic if they were not closed.

Hem is finished with a fine lock so as not to lose the lightness and softness of the fabric.

I think it would be cool to wear it fully open.

It can also be used as an inner shirt for outer jackets.

We also challenge you to collaborate with skin color and underwear by using the transparency of the fabric!


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White (Classic Body), Black (Classic Body), Flamingo (Classic Body), White (Pear Body), Black (Pear Body), Flamingo (Pear Body), Navy (Classic Body)


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