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Trad Jacket 2

  • Fits size Smart Doll S bust.
  • Product for sale is Trad jacket 2 only.
  • 適合サイズはSmart Doll Sバストです。
  • 販売商品はTrad jacket 2のみです。



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Be careful!

  • Be careful about wearing it for a long time, There is a risk of stain.
  • 色移りのリスクがあるため、長期間の着用はご注意ください

Made in Japan

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“Trad Jacket 2” is the second model of TRAD JACKET, which was the catalyst for the start of MarukoHalu.
MarukoHaluがスタートするきっかけとなったTrad Jacketの第二弾モデル「Trad Jacket 2」。

It is a casual style jacket with a brushed up silhouette of the first Trad Jacket with increased detailing.
初代TRAD JACKETのシルエットをブラッシュアップしてディテールアップを施したカジュアルスタイルのジャケットです。

We are not so much interested in the trendy fashion in the city, but we love fashion. The design was created by two members of Team MarukoHalu, Mirai and Melody, who prefer traditional, tight-fitting silhouettes.
都市での流行ファッションにはあまり興味はないけれど、ファッションは大好き。デザインはトラディショナル、タイトフィットなシルエットを好む チームMarukoHaluのみらいちゃんとメロディーちゃんの2人が生み出しました。

The design topics is basic and a little hard.

The collar is a fusion of a stand collar and lapel, and the front buttons are double-buttoned for a slightly army look.

To create a hard look, we designed a leather belt with metal buckles on the collar and sleeves.

The silhouette is a tight fit when all buttons are closed.

Since it is buttoned, it can be worn with the top button open for a hard look or with the top two buttons open for a Pea-coat look.

Incidentally, when wearing it buttoned up, you can wear it with a smart silhouette if you do not wear a belt with pants or a skirt.

The material is stretchy, so it is easy to pose.

According to Mirai and her friends, it can be worn in three seasons (spring, fall, and winter); if you want to look cool and cute, wear a skirt above the knee. If you want to wear it maturely, they recommend pants style or long skirts.

They say it is super good for the city or for traveling.

When you go on a trip with a nice smart girl, wear this jacket!

Other products used in the photos | コーディネートで使用した他アイテム

■Behind the Story of Production | 制作プチ裏話

For the past few years, I have been into making outdoor items, but I thought it was time for Mirai and her friends to start wearing new casual items. So I decided to make this jacket. I personally love the first Trad Jacket and have wanted to release it again. I have been thinking about releasing it again for a long time. Finally, we were able to release it as a new version.

ここ最近はアウトドア系アイテム沼にはまっていましたが、そろそろみらいちゃん達に新しいカジュアルアイテムを着てほしいなー。と、思いましてこのジャケットの制作に取り掛かりました。初代 TRAD JACKET は個人的にとても気に入っていて、もう一度リリースしたいなーと以前から思っていました。そして、ようやくニューバージョンとしてリリースすることができました。

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Black, Silver Mist, Graphite


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