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Fuwa Fuwa Two-Piece Chiffon’s Dress

  • Fits size Smart Doll Classic Body S bust
  • Product for sale is Fuwa Fuwa Two-Piece Chiffon’s Dress only.
  • 適合サイズはSmart Doll Classic Body Sバスト
  • 販売商品はFuwa Fuwa Two-Piece Chiffon’s Dressのみです。


Sold out

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This two-piece dress is made of chiffon fabric.
“The product name Fuwa Fuwa means fluffy.”

The design theme is an adult cute loose and fluffy dress.

We wanted to express a loose and fluffy feeling, so we created a fluffy form that reflects the fluffy texture of the chiffon fabric.

Both the top and skirt are pleated on the top side, and the pleats are removed on the hem side. The hem is a modest balloon silhouette that is not too bulky, creating a detailed design that does not look too artistic.

Both tops and bottoms come with an inner layer to prevent transparency and color migration.

When putting on the top, turn the outer fabric of the top over and put the inner layer on the body, then turn the outer fabric back.

The inner layer is a little tight at first when putting on the body, but once the seam allowance becomes familiar, it can be put on smoothly.

Detail is simple, Since this is a two-piece dress with a separate top and skirt, you can collaborate it with your other items.

Still, sewing chiffon fabric is difficult…


Other products used in the photos | コーディネートで使用した他アイテム


At first glance, this item may appear to be a simple specification to sew onto a tube, but in fact, it is a very difficult item to produce. Simply sewing on a tube will result in a drum silhouette. In order to achieve the desired silhouette, fine adjustments are made by joining the back, which is also very difficult. Due to the composition of the fabric and the production process, it was not possible to create a pattern, so we had to sew the garments one at a time, fine-tuning them as we went. But I really wanted to make it, so I did my best!



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